PMI Extending PMP Exam Changes to January 2016

If you have been looking to get your Project Management Professional (PMP) designation, you may have noticed that PMI will be introducing some changes to the exam in the near future. PMI recently completed a Role Delineation Study – a massive survey of certified Project Management Professionals worldwide to gauge what the role of a Project Manager is today.

The results of this study drive the upcoming changes to the exam. These changes were originally planned to be introduced in November 2015, but PMI has revised the date to January 11, 2016.

PMI will be updating the exam in several areas. The five Project Management processes – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing will all stay the same; however, tasks within each process have been added, except for Closing. Drilling down to a more granular level, the following changes will be made:

1. Initiating the project: 3 new tasks added
2. Planning the project: 1 new task added
3. Executing the project: 2 new tasks added
4. Monitoring and controlling the project: 2 new tasks added
5. Closing the project: No new tasks added

All changes can be reviewed in detail on the PMI website. See their Exam Content Outline.

Bay3000’s November 16-20, 2015 PMP Exam Prep session (link: will cover the current exam as well as touch upon upcoming changes, so our students can make an informed decision whether to get certified now or wait for the new changes to kick in.

Bay3000’s December 7-11, 2015 PMP Exam Prep workshop held in Toronto is your opportunity to get ready for the new exam.

Having prepared thousands of people for the PMI exam for over 20 years, we believe writing an exam as soon as possible is preferable as opposed to waiting for a new exam, since there is always some uncertainty with changes even if one was able to accurately predict them. Contact Us to find out about your options, and the value Bay3000 can provide for you in your endeavor to become a certified Project Management Professional.

If you cannot make it to class, Bay3000 also offers a comprehensive eLearning PMP Exam Prep course which will help you prep at your own pace ensuring you ace the exam in the first go!
For more details, contact us at, or at 905-819-8708.


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