What Customized Learning Means?

Is there such thing as customized learning? In an ideal adult education environment, one would expect the curriculum to be mapped as per one’s learning objectives; however, in real world we don’t see such practices are prevalent! Companies and educators typically paint the entire population with the same brush by offering a generic program and or using the same common material with a hope that it might align to the individual’s or corporation’s learning objectives.

Having successfully provided training to thousands of individuals and corporations, Bay3000 has established Clearview® or Clearview® Lite Competency Assessments that allow us to develop professional learning frameworks for corporations as well as for individuals based on their own environments and learning objectives. Few key steps and deliverable for the Clearview Assessment include:


Goals and Objectives Discussion

Meet with client and discuss client’s goals and objectives with regards to corporate learning and the pain they are trying to solve.

Gap Analysis

Work with clients to uncover individual as well as corporation gaps that are priorities for action and for closure.

Clear Road Map and a Plan For Success

Provide a clear road map to close the gaps as well as deliver an implementation plan allowing clients to either implement learning framework on their own or partner with Bay3000 to achieve their specific business objectives.


Contact Bay3000 to find out what value Clearview Assessments have provided for your peers and other leaders in Canada. All discussions off course will be within the non-disclosure agreements and confidentially guidelines we have with our clients.

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