PMP Exam Prep.

Getting Started with the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam:

Understanding and getting through the PMP® exam process can be daunting. If you need a little help understanding the process, please contact Bay3000. We have a lot of insight through our experience into the process.
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What Are the Benefits?

The credential will set you apart from the rest of the pack. Although there are many credential holders, there are many more project managers applying for positions who do not hold the Credential.

The credential will demonstrate your commitment to the professional and to being a professional project manager. This will not only motivate you to be your best on the job, but also show your management and clients that you take your role seriously.

 Increase your average salary.

Research and studies show that credential holders make a higher annual salary than those without the credential.

Steps to Prepare For Your PMP® Exam Certification

  1. Research

You have already started if you are reading this!

The next step is to check the eligibility requirements to determine whether you can qualify for the PMP® or whether the CAPM® might be best. If you are not sure, just contact Bay3000 and we can help.

Start with the Credential Handbook, which is available from PMI. Click here to download it from their site. In the handbook, you will get a detailed overview of the requirements, process, and examination. Contact us if you have trouble surfing the PMI site.

  1. Decide on your Study Approach

While some individuals prefer to self-study using books, research has shown that on average, they spend 8x the amount of time that someone who takes an exam preparation course spends on the study process. Yes, it appears less expensive, however, your time is worth much more. We recommend you take a proven PMP Exam Preparation Course and allow experts to coach you and to help you focus your time on the most important and relevant aspects.

  1. Register for a PMP Exam Preparation Course

If you’ve decided to take a course, this is the next step. You should plan to take the course about 3-5 weeks before you plan to take the exam. Register early because having a date in sight will give you extra motivation.

  1. Start the Application

Download (or purchase) the PMBOK Guide from the Project Management Institute. We recommend you join PMI as a member to be eligible for a downloadable PMBOK® Guide, as well as a reduction in the exam fee.

Go to the certification section of the PMI website and start the application online. You might not be able to complete and submit the application until you complete the PMP Exam Course if you need the course to complete your 35-hour education requirement. The Bay3000 PMP Exam Preparation Course gives you all the required hours you need.

  1. Take the PMP Exam Preparation Course

Make sure you have read the PMBOK Guide in its entirety before the first day of class. The class is very intensive and you will get so much more out if it if you’ve already reviewed the information.

  1. Schedule the Exam Date

Submit your application if you haven’t done so already. As soon as your application gets approved, you will receive a CODE from PMI. Using this code, you will be able to register for the computer exam at a Prometric testing center. You can choose your preferred date if it’s available.

  1. Study, Study, Study

Even with a PMP course, you still have to put some time studying. You won’t need to put in nearly as much time as those who did not take the course.

  1. Take the EXAM, PASS, and CELEBRATE

The very popular Bay3000 PMP Exam Preparation course is offered in Toronto, Markham, Hamilton, Mississauga, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary – and at your company on request.

Free PMP Certification Prep Quick Start Guide

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PMP /CAPM Course and Registration

Includes material you have to pay for in many other exam preparation courses and includes tips not found anywhere else.

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