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Bay3000’s team of advisers and trainers have been assisting and coaching business leaders and professionals through the world of strategy and continuous improvement for more than 20 years.

Lean White Belt – 1 day workshop. (7 PDUs)

The Lean White Belt program provides an overview of Lean and Statistics. It is a must for managers who want an appreciation for the commitment necessary to implement statistically based process improvement and the return on investment to be gained.

This is an ideal series for those who are thinking about embarking on the Lean journey, members of Lean events & project teams, as well as employers wishing to create awareness of Lean for all their employees. After completing this course you will be able to explain to others the principals and methods of Lean, the benefits of integrating Lean to drive organizational transformation, the application of Lean in Manufacturing/Office/Service environments, and the Lean process improvement teams.

As a Lean White Belt you will be able to;

  • Describe the 5 principles of Lean and provide a definition of “value added”
  • Provide examples of the 8 sources of waste
  • Construct a SIPOC map
  • Build a Cause and Effect diagram
  • Explain the Pareto Principle and be able to construct a Pareto Chart

 Lean Yellow Belt – 3-day workshop, (21 PDUs)

The EZSigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification program understands the Lean philosophy and how to routinely apply this to his or her job and area of responsibility. After completing this course, you will be able to explain to others how Lean can deliver breakthrough improvements in any business sector or environment.  You will be able to identify process improvement opportunities, apply this segment of the Lean body of Knowledge to address these opportunities, as well as achieve overall improved management of business processes.

As a Lean Yellow Belt you will be able to;

  • Describe the 5 principles of Lean and provide a definition of “value-added”
  • Assist others in applying the concept of the 8 sources of waste when identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Construct SIPOC and process flow maps
  • Facilitate Cause & Effect sessions and use Pareto Charts to help focus process improvement and problem solving activities
  • Conduct current and future state Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Explain the difference “Push” versus “Pull” systems and the concept of “Flow”
  • Understand how to apply workplace organization, including 5S & Visual Management
  • Apply Error Proofing (aka Mistake-Proofing, Poka Yoke)
  • Describe the steps to successfully facilitating a Kaizen Event
  • Explain the importance of Standard Work in a Lean workplace

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt professionals are valuable assets within an organization. This training covers an introduction to the concepts and tools of the Lean Six Sigma methodology for front-line staff/supervisors that will support improvement projects in your organization. This 3-day training program uses quizzes, workshops, and exercises to reinforce the tools and concepts in order to cultivate a strong foundation for Lean Six Sigma within your organization.

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  • “I would highly recommend this training seminar to other companies/students. I learned a lot of real world applications.”

    M.Uzelac Baylis Medical Business Etiquette Workshop
  • “I definitely recommend this course to any leader to improve team dynamics & communication techniques. Tony White’s style was very fitting to the nature of this course. Will definitely try to get another learning opportunity with him.”

    N. Orsini Ministry of Labour Accelerated Leadership Workshop
  • “Excellent course, would highly recommend this course to anyone involved with projects or programs.”

    T. Watts York Regional Police Project Management Fundamentals
  • “This course has allowed me to become a ‘champion’ of effective project management at my company.”

    D. Ritchie York Region Project Management Fundamentals
  • “Dave is an excellent teacher of emotional intelligence. He connects very well with the audience and is very knowledgeable about his subject matter.”

    M. Ali Telus Emotional Intelligence PDU Day
  • “Exceptional presentation of material by instructor, very easy to understand where related data was found in the PMBOK.”

    C. Dombroskie AECL PMI-SP Exam Preparation Workshop
  • “Felt like the instructor went out of her way to help us and ensure we had everything we need to pass our exams and qualify for our applications.”

    K.Meadows AECL PMI-SP Exam Preparation Workshop
  • “Instructor was amazing, energetic, enthusiastic, and very friendly.”

    M. Da Silva Bell Canada Change Management PDU Day
  • “The instructor is very efficient and knowledgeable, I am very confident about the material because of her. I highly recommend Rita.”

    E. Chakkour University Health Network PMP Exam Preparation Workshop
  • “This course provided the most insight into a complex subject of any I have attended in a relatively short timeframe.”

    D. Szicsak Maple Leaf Foods Inc PMP Exam Preparation Workshop
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