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    • E-Learning Masters Certificate in Business Analysis
    •   Our Masters Certificate Programs have been offered for over 5 years and are the only offering of its kind. The reason for the popularity is: marketability impact, quality of programs, value for the cost, full PDU earning, and convenience. A sample of course topics in this program include: Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP™) – […]

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    • E-Learning Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) Exam Preparation
    •   The CAPM qualification is aimed at those individuals operating as a member of a project team e.g. subject matter expert, task owner, co-ordinator etc. The qualification demonstrates that the candidate has a working knowledge of the processes and terminology as laid out in the PMI’s “Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”. This […]

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    • E-Learning Project Management Fundamentals (30 PDUs)
    •    Integrated Initiation and Planning    Project Stakeholder Management Managing and Controlling Stakeholder Engagement  Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope Project Requirements and Defining Scope Estimating Activity Resources and Durations Defining and Sequencing Project Activities Creating the Work Breakdown Structure Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule Direct, Monitor, and Control Project Work Planning Project Costs Controlling […]

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    • E-Learning Project Risk Management (15 PDUs)
    •   Achieving the objectives in the presence of uncertainty is a requirement of most projects. Project risk management involves the processes of identification and analysis of risk events, and the development of response and control plans to deal with these events. Emphasis is placed on the active management of risk throughout the project, through regular […]

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    • E-Learning Risk Management Specialist
    •   Risk management is an important skill that can be applied to a wide variety of projects. In an era of downsizing, consolidation, shrinking budgets, increasing technological sophistication, and shorter development times, risk management can provide valuable insights to help key project personnel plan for risks, alert them of potential risk issues, analyze these issues, […]

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    • E-Learning Scheduling and Advanced Microsoft Project 2010 & 2013 (20 PDUs)
    • Course topics in this program include: Advanced Customizing with Project 2010 Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project 2010 Advanced Resource Management with Project 2010 Advanced Scheduling Management with Project 2010 Advanced Tools for Managing Multiple Projects with Project 2010 Building a Schedule with Project 2010 Defining and Sequencing Project Activities Defining Project Properties in […]

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