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    • The CSCSS CYBERIMMERSION workshop is designed to equip Project Managers, Business Analysts and HR Professionals with the fundamentals of cyber security. Cyber security is an essential part of operational planning, and breaches can cost companies millions of dollars in revenue and reputational damage. Despite its fundamental importance in risk management, cyber security often remains siloed […]

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    • Professional Development Series – Conducting Effective Meetings (7 PDUs)
    • Leadership in meetings requires a rare combination of attitude, personal qualities and proper use of principals and techniques. In this course you will learn to reach your objectives as the meeting leader or facilitator. Numerous surveys have shown that more than 80% of all meetings waste time, suggestions are given to make meetings more productive, […]

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    • Effective Communication Skills (7 PDUs)
    • Course Description For the better part of every day, we are communicating to and with others. Whether it’s the speech you deliver in the boardroom, the level of attention you give your spouse when they are talking to you, or the look you give the cat, it all means something. The Communication Skills workshop will help participants […]

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    • Professional Development Series – LEADERSHIP AND TEAM BUILDING (7 PDUs)
    • This course provides the skills and insights required to guide members of a team. It helps leaders understand and meet their team members’ needs.  The leader must be able to effectively influence others, coach, manage and resolve conflicts, facilitate effective meetings, and communicate clearly.  Most projects fail not because of a lack of technical skills, […]

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    • Fundamentals of Project Management (14 Contact Hours / 14 PDUs)
    • By learning essential skills needed to manage small to medium size projects and the importance of planning, you can expect to achieve more credibility by demonstrating your competency, developing achievable plans, eliciting cooperation from team members, demonstrating better control of your projects, and developing personal skills. Bay3000 material is based upon the Project Management Body […]

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    • Professional Development Series – Facilitation Skills (7 PDUs)
    • Do you have one of the most in-demand skills for a leader?  The ability to facilitate a group of people working together is fundamental to keep them focused, motivated and moving forward. Facilitation is not just for specialists; the skills are important to success in any leadership role and should be part of everyone’s interpersonal […]

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    • Professional Development Series – Rescuing Troubled Projects (7 PDUs)
    • Course Description With the acceleration of technology and information, projects are becoming more complex, costly, and time-constrained—and every year thousands of them get cancelled or end up costing significantly more than their original projections. Project and program managers are sorely in need of tools to help them avoid failure This course demonstrates a proven process […]

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